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An app to make people feel valued.


[nīt.kaan. means: purposefully] Create spontaneous, thoughtful, positive notes they'll hold on to.

Why share Nitkan?

Our lives are measured by the lives we touch. Share Nitkan to encourage the good in others.


Nitkan helps you focus on your most important people and share messages they'll want to hold on to. It's a private, positivity sharing app for the people you know and interact with in your professional and personal life.

Make Their Day

Random acts of kindness have long-lasting effect. Our users are unselfish givers

Tell a colleague how awesome they are. Tell your partner about the small stuff you love about them. Tell your friend how generous they are. Make someone's day - simply, because you can.


Generous. Kind. Giver. Leader. Are some of the things the people on Nitkan are called. 

Nitkan is not a 'social network'. Meaningful private interactions fuel your experience. There are no followers. Or click-based connections. People are connected only when you exchange something personal & thoughtful.


True generosity doesn't need an audience.

Nitkan defaults to 'private' for every interaction. We require that people seek permission to show your personal note on their public profile.

Your Impact

The Nitkan Circle shows your impact on others.

It's made of all the people connected to you via Nitkan. And comes alive to show where you focus. Share more offline and through the app to see how you are making a difference.

Human. Not a Robot.

Eulogy Values are greater than resume values.

You are a person with a great heart, sharp intellect and strong spirit. Why limit yourself online to temporary titles, number of followers and likes? You are more than what you do, where you work and how much you earn today. At Nitkan, we are shining the light on the truly nice guys.

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